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Game Schedule

May 19, 2007
Pole Socking playing field finalized!
Depsite Australia's efforts to keep us out, we at the PS-A have decided that the tournament will take place in the better part of Queensland. We have erected "The Great Queensland Tarp" to keep nosey outsiders from seeing what we are up to. The PS-A is asking the public not to let Australia know we're here.

Six hour-old adolescent poles growing in
a controlled testing environment.
Red and Blue team surveyors are choosing the locations for their bases now, and the pole matrix has been initiated. Air surveillance tells us that the poles are growing in an elliptical spiral, probably due to the dry climate and close proximity to Antarctica. With the redesigned pole matrix technology we should be seeing poles above ground in less than 12 hours.

This year's first face-off should be announced soon. And remember... don't tell Australia!

-Trixie Erkins, land survey asst.

May 14, 2007
Delays and Precautions
The Cis-Lunar Pole Socking League (CPL) and the Consulate of Environmental Vanguard Officers (CEVO) have engaged in several skirmishes along the borders of the currently prospected playing field. Until the situation is diffused Pole Socking fans and enthusiasts are encouraged not to set up campsites around the field. We suggest that all civilians stay at least two kilometers (2 km) from the potential playing grounds to avoid casualties. Rest assured, the CPL plans to cover the entire area in a biodegradable nerve agent and corrosive gas to ensure minimal resistance.

Stand by for further information.

-Galileo Muccacco, director of foreign affairs

May 14, 2007
Sorry, this season's schedule has not yet been finalized.

-Marvin Tankfisch, scheduling asst.

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