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Uniforms and Gear

July 7, 2008
Administrator 'N' to Introduce New Pole Socking Gear
Both Blue and Red team engineers have made several recent breakthroughs in ways to circumvent international law. This means Pole Socking fans will see a big surge in new and highly advanced equipment out on the field! Pictured below is a Red team engineer holding the ammunition for an ingenious new weapon. The Project Manager for the Mk. I prototype Incendiary Cannon Cannon had this to say about his new achievement.

Red Team engineer, holding primary stage
ammuntion for the Mk. I ICC, receiving
award for incendiary results.
"We've always believed the law against civilians firing military-grade incendiary weapons in most parts of the world to be unfair towards professional and amateur Pole Socking leagues. This new weapon avoids the laws by firing a ballistic projectile that is itself a seperate incendiary projectile firing mechanism. This leaves the operator firing an incendiary weapon only by proxy, and keeps them safe from unjust and outdated laws in all but two countries! We feel we've done a great service to Pole Socking and the world in general."

During a recent bout of binge drinking, PS-A Administrator 'N' agreed in writing to presenting awards to the engineering staff at the next PS-A funded Pole Socking ceremony. His contract legally binds him to appear publicly, so expect to see heightened security. Tactical assaults on PS-A Administrators during public ceremonies are prohibited only by tradition, so equip yourselves appropriately. If you can't afford first-class lounge tickets, don't forget to bring your own riot shield!

Further information, firearms and their legal waivers can be obtained from your local Pole Socking commercial outlet. Don't sit in front of your TV watching Pole Socking all day, amateur play encourages our engineers to work even harder! Just remember that adult supervision is suggested for children under 12 years of age during the operation of multi-ordinance incendiary weapons. Child safety pamphlets are available at several PS-A approved Pole Socking retailers.

-Barry T. Hachett, marketing assistant

May 14, 2007
Upcoming Sale
Uniforms -- this season, as with previous seasons, Pole Socking uniforms are expected to be red and blue, with respect to the traditional team definitions.

Gear -- Regulatory poles, mallets and socks will soon be available in price brackets ranging from affordable to unaffordable. We are excited to premier our officially sanctioned, reasonably priced, entry-level "noob mallet" soon this season. Please stand by.

-Mercurie Waterhouse, marketing director

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